Here’s a big fat photo dump from last weekend’s Super Trofeo Race, one of the first in the new North American Lambo series.

Personally I’ve largely seen Lamborghini’s as just another fancy piece of jewelry for the uberwealthy. (you know, like Blancpain, the sponsor of half these cars) But with their establishment of an actual racing series, respect for them is growing in my heart. Seeing dozens of these larger-than-life beasts spec’d out in race livery also helped.


[you can also view the gallery laid out a bit better on my website. and i’ll have more photo dumps from the GT3 and WEC races up soon too]

“You will do as I say, airflow.”

This crew discovered a cracked engine block upon arrival. (from a wreck at the previous months VIR race)

Look at that thing!

A list of needed parts. Let’s hope NAPA has them in stock!

You can see the busted engine mount here. The other side had a hairline crack running down the side of the block. No bueno.

Distracted by diffusers.

Dat ass.


One minute.

Start your engines!

“Boom gun”

Tires, they much be burned.